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     If this so-called Negro would channel his wealth into business enterprises and create employment or create businesses that would provide employment then our problem would be solved. But as a rule, in most Negro communities across the country the only thing you’ll find Negroes building are Negro churches. An example: In Long Island the white man bought a city block. He built a huge supermarket on it. It creates job opportunities for about three or four hundred people. Now in the next block, believe it or not, the Negroes got together and bought it and built a million dollar church. Now here this church provides a job only for the preacher; it provides clothing and shelter only for this Negro preacher. Now if this Negro preacher has the ingenuity that it takes to raise a million dollars or to finance a million dollar project, but the only thing he can finance is a church, it’s a problem. If you notice, white people in their neighborhoods build factories, they build schools, they build everything, and then they also build churches. But the Negro leadership, especially the religious leadership, has actually committed a crime almost in encouraging our people to build churches. But at the same time we never build schools; we never build factories; we never build businesses; we never build housing and things that will solve our problem.

Last Dinosaurs

adult swim fan art by Tyler Lewis-Goshen
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Frank Ocean - Monks

"Mosh pits and bare chest

Stage diving sky diver

Spray the crowd with cold water

Now it’s mosh pits and wet tits

I think I need a cold shower

Cool waters

African girl speaks in English accent

Likes to fuck boys in bands

Likes to watch westerns

And ride me without the hands

Show me her passport

She’s on her own tour

But you’re beautiful to me

Wave ‘em high girl to the sky

But you’re beautiful to me

(We’re in the clouds)

Wave ‘em high girl to the sky

But you’re beautiful to me

(Life in the clouds)

Keep em high y’all

(Beautiful stars)

In the sky

Monks in the mosh pit

Stage diving Dalai Lama

Feet covered in cut flowers

They mosh for enlightenment

Clean chakra, good karma

One with the water

Indian girl sleeps above the temple

Planning a run away young at heart

You found a boyfriend

And now you wanna get away, get away

Just a virgin lover on a getaway, getaway

And at sunset they’re gonna try and get away, get away

Abhaya Mudra

I never ask for much

But please keep up lover

We’ve got no choices left

The running’s fast

Run run run run

You’re beautiful to me

Run run run run, you’d better run

You mean so much to me

In my world

We made it safely

Even with your father’s army trailing us

We escaped him

Even with his archer’s bows at our backs

What a great escape

But there’s a long way still in fact

We’re lost in a jungle underneath these clouds

There’s a monsoon that never ends

A coke white tiger woke us from our slumber

To guide and protect us til the end

We’re in the clouds

Wave ‘em high now to the sky

But you’re beautiful to me

Keep ‘em high y’all, show you right

But you’re beautiful to me



Frank Ocean live at BMW Welt, Munich (06/25/13) - California Live Tour 2013.

The old set up was prime imy